Community Membership

Discount Program

What Is It?

A discount program for members of Evanston-Creekside, Kincora, Nolan Hill, Sage Hill & Sherwood Community Assocations.

How Much Is It?

The discount program is free for household members of a participating Community Association.


Businesses are free to register and offer discounts to household members. Simply click Add Place in the menu.

How do I participate?

All you need is a valid household membership with a participating community association. The program is currently in beta and all associations are working to implement compatible membership management systems.

Can businesses register?

Yes! The business registration process is now open. Your business will be registered for 1 year and must be renewed annually. It is 100% free to register your business, but you must offer some kind of discount or perk that will be reviewed prior to publication.


The Symons Valley Community Membership program is a joint project between Clever IT, the City of Calgary, and your local community assocation.

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